This Project was made to be a resource to people who were interested in expanding their interests no matter what is happening in their lives. No matter if you are a parent or a student, a workaholic or an artist. Currently Covid-19 is making it difficult to do many of the things that made us feel fulfilled. This is a great opportunity to take some time to find ways that we can feel fulfilled with out lives on our own.

“What About after Covid-19?”

Every year the semi-annual flu takes over 30,00 deaths. It would benefit everyone if we continued to practice a less intense version of social-distancing moving forward during flu season to ensure that we are doing our part to prevent the spread of the virus. Finding hobbies that make that less difficult in the future make it easier to imagine spending more time at home for half of the year

“Did You Really Do This Research?”

Ofcourse I did! Below is my work cited. However keep in mind that most of the suggestions that are given on this site are just that. This website is primarily to be used as a resource to get people interested in learning more on their own. that is the best way to improve a skill after all.

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