Journaling is always a useful hobby to have. If you enjoy keeping your things organized and making the most of your days, journaling is a great way of keeping yourself accountable for the things you really want to do.

“Do I Need to Buy a Dot Journal?”

Of course not! you can get started journaling today no matter what you have access to! An old binder, composition notebook, gridded sketchbook, or even online, if you have a google account. If you are keeping an online journal i’d recommend using a cloud service that you trust to not lose your entries. But going paperless may honestly be the easier method for you to keep up with your journal entries. Try them all out for a couple weeks each and see which one works best for your lifestyle!

“How Should I Start?”

If you’re stumped about what you should write about in your first entry that is completely understandable. To help you get started I recommend that you take the pressure off this being a perfect journal and instead just start using the first page for whatever you need that day, a grocery list, a paragraph to vent about your frustrations at work, etc.

Beyond just getting started there are so many content creators that design journal pages. I would reccomend cheking out these Pinterest pages or some of these youtube videos to get you thinking about some potential layouts you’ll want to include in your new journal.

“Why Should I Pick Up a New Hobby?”

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