There’s no time like the present to get started on your home garden! No matter what your living situation there are countless ways that you can begin growing some of the food that you would otherwise have to buy. Consider your personal situation as that will drastically affect what you could grow for yourself.

“Where Should I Buy Seeds?”

You may not need to buy any seeds dependent on what you are trying to grow in your garden. Many fruits and vegetables that you get from the grocery store are easy to collect seeds from. See this link to see how you can easily start germinating your plants today. Click the graphic to the right to learn more!

“Where Can I Grow These Plants?”

There are really only two places in where you can generally grow your plants, unless you already happen to have a Greenhouse built on your property. Do your own research, figure out what plants will grow best in the climate that you can provide where you live. In general the can either grow your plants outside or inside:


If you own or rent a house it is likely that you have some space outside to be able to grow a garden for yourself. See these resources to see how you start planning out your garden.


If you are living in an apartment or a similar situation where you don’t have any outdoor space to use then you might want to consider these suggestions for starting a garden indoors.

“Why Should I Pick Up a New Hobby?”

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