Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. Try spicing things up by making something that you’ve never made before. You don’t have to be well practiced to pick up any recipe and try your best. If you’re somebody who likes organization and following a guide, I’m sure you’ll enjoy trying out some new recipes.

“What Should I Cook?”

In general “food-prepping” can be a really rewarding thing to plan out for you and your family. It is a way of cooking before you need to eat so that meal times can be much more efficient, and in most cases, produce less waste. Check out some blogs that give suggestions on preparing meals.

“How Can I Shop Responsibly?”

During these uncertain times of our country dealing with COVID-19, we should try to be mindful of those who may need the ingredients you could use for cooking challenges. Below are some ideas on how you can shop responsibly to be a good neighbor while still creating delicious foods.

Look in Your Pantry

Take a list of everything that you haven’t found a use for yet and start googling new recipes centered around that ingredient; you may find you’re only missing a few things to make something great.

Buy Foods That Aren’t in Demand

Especially during the Covid-19 you might be finding that there are is a scarcity in the more popular groceries at the store. Try to find ingredients that aren’t going out of stock and try to make a meal.

Consider Looking Into Foragable Ingredients

Research what naturally grown ingredients are grown in your area and consider hiking to acquire some. Make sure that you are careful to prepare all ingredients properly. Also consider Home Gardening.

“Why Should I Pick Up a New Hobby?”

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